About Complete Marathons

Complete Marathons specialises in the organising and directing of sports management services and creating unforgettable event experiences aiming to provide a broader service to the overall competitive sports experience.

Our initiatives…

  1. Deliver Services and Products which include specialised packages designed specifically to assist local and international athletes in optimising their proficiency at competitive events. Our aim is to provide supporting concierge and promotional services and events to national ultra-marathon, marathon and sporting events in South Africa.
  2. Based on our teams experience in the event industry we further aim to develop a number of our own sporting activities such as running events and offering our services to manage existing athletic events.
  3. Over and above the concierge services and events, Complete Marathons recognised the need to assist disadvantaged athletes within South Africa and to this end the model for Complete Marathon Runner’s Village was born.
  4. The Complete Marathon Runner’s Village has been created to assist and house disadvantaged runners from South Africa in a safe, secure centralized venue giving these athletes the opportunity to concentrate more fully on their race, without the undue stress that often results from managing the financial strains of accommodation and nutrition.
  5. The overarching aim of the Runner’s Village is to unite relevant corporate entities in funding this most worthwhile of causes, with the knowledge that their support of this initiative will not only add to their B-BBEE Score Card rating but also earn them the respect and admiration of thousands of athletes.
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